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NAD+ Therapy for Anti-Aging

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NAD+ Therapy for Anti-Aging

NAD IV Therapy is a type of IV therapy we offer at Active Recovery Care that offers a number of benefits including: treating substance abuse, addiction, and alcoholism; relieving the effects of anxiety and depression, improving brain function, boosting your immune system, and for helping to protect you from the effects of aging.

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Can NAD IV Therapy Really Help With Anti-Aging?

Yes, it is science! Studies on NAD+ Therapy for Anti-Aging have shown that NAD+ Therapy is a “promising therapeutic strategy for age-associated degenerative diseases in general and to extend lifespan in small animal models.”

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What is Oxidative stress?

When your body’s levels of antioxidants gets too low, the body has a hard time fighting against stress, inflammation, and the degenerative effects of cellular aging. Smoking, drinking alcohol, too much coffee or energy drinks, lack of sleep, and poor diet contribute to oxidative stress.

How Does NAD Therapy Fight Aging - Active Recovery Care in Mesa Arizona

How NAD IV Therapy Fights Oxidative Stress and Aging

DNA repair is a crucial function in the body’s own natural anti-aging defenses. However, NAD+ depletion as been linked to a decrease in the body’s ability to repair DNA, and hence fight aging. NAD+ IV Therapy replenishes the natural NAD+ levels in the body, and ultimately protects the body from the cellular and DNA damage that causes aging.

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Can NAD IV Therapy Help You Live Longer?

NAD+ Therapy can help protect you against disease, inflammation and cellular damage that causes many terminal illnesses. In this sense, NAD+ IV Therapy can help you live a longer life, just as a healthier diet and exercise can help you to live longer.

NAD Therapy to Help You Live Longer - Active Care Recovery - Mesa Arizona

Who Is NAD IV Therapy Best For?

If you have suffered problems with Substance Abuse, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Chronic Fatigue and Unexplained Illnesses, or Live an “On The Go” Lifestyle, you may benefit from IV Therapy.

  • Boosts Immune Response
  • Helps Combat Depression & Anxiety
  • Enhances Athletics Performance
  • Boosts Organ Function
  • Improved Brain Function & Cognitive Function
  • Anti-Aging Effects
  • Reduces Fatigue & Sleeplessness
  • Enhances Weight Loss By Improving Metabolic Function
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Helps to Restore Neurological Function in Those Suffering from Degenerative Brain Diseases (Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease).

NAD Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases Alzheimer's Parkinson's Treatment in Mesa AZ

Is NAD Therapy Beneficial to Diabetics?

Yes, NAD+ Therapy can help those with diabetes to boost metabolism naturally, and boost organ function (liver, kidneys, heart, brain, etc.). NA+ therapy DOES NOT lower blood glucose levels; though it has beneficial and therapeutic affects that can improve quality of life for diabetics. NAD+ Therapy can help reduce your risk of fatty liver disease, though; which can be beneficial to diabetics and alcoholics alike.

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Is NAD Therapy Safe?

NAD+ IV Therapy is 100% Safe. NAD is a naturally occurring and essential pyridine nucleotide that is already in all living cells. The process of introducing the NAD in your system is through intravenous IV Therapy, similar to Vitamin IV Therapy.

NAD IV Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Active Recovery Care specializes in NAD+ IV Therapy in Mesa, AZ and we serve the entire Valley of the Sun. Our offices are located conveniently off the 202 San Tan Freeway on Power Road in East Mesa, AZ. Close to Fountain Hills, Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and West Phoenix.

NAD Therapy in Mesa Arizona - Active Recovery Care

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